4 Jan

The world is so vast.
From the north end to south end,
and from the place of sunrise ‘til the place of sunset.
Thousands of miles from where we live and are separated by land and sea.
We don’t know how things in other world
cause we never went there.

We’ve never been to a place that we think are far away,
and meeting with strangers who live there.

maybe I just a stranger for you,
and maybe you just a stranger for me too,
but we’re friend.
So call me a friend, and don’t call me a stranger

some of them prejudiced against us as strangers,
but some are very good to us, and they want to be friends with us.

We can talk, and tell anything to them.
Gives us a lot of friends from all over the world.
Gives us the opportunity to know the state of the place we’ve never visited.

I’m glad to be friends with you guys and I’m very pleased to have many friends from all over the world.




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